Natural Body Butter: Product Pairing & Marketing Tips
Natural Body Butter is formulated to function as a barrier cream or balm. It is our thickest, richest moisturizing product. A little bit goes a long way and this product is so thick that we recommend packaging in jars. Not sure which products to pair with Natural Body Butter? Here are some suggestions:

  • Hand treatment, pair with cotton gloves as a kit. Many of our clients market this as a "Winter Hand Kit".
  • Dry spot cream for trouble areas like heels & elbows. Package with spa socks as a pedicure "add on" product or as an addition to one of our popular body scrubs.
  • Belly balm (unscented formula). Package with one of our popular bath oils as a "Pregnancy Care Kit". All of our bath oils double as body oil or beard oil.
  • All over moisturizer for cold climates. Offer as an add-on to any of our liquid soap products or body scrubs
  • Butt balm for infants (unscented formula). Package with our gentle Pearl Wash - SF, Body Wash (Organic Content) and/or Massage Oil for a "Baby Care Kit".

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