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  • Popular Pumpkin Scents For Fall

    Popular Pumpkin Scents For Fall

    Embrace the seasonal spirit with special pumpkin fragrances that align with holidays and occasions throughout the year.
  • What Are Synthethic (Compounded) Fragrances?

    What Are Synthethic (Compounded) Fragrances?

    Synthetic fragrance oils are artificially created fragrances used to scent a variety of products, including candles, soaps, lotions, and perfumes. They are typically created using essential oils, chemical compounds, and other aromatic ingredients.
  • What Are Naturally Derived Fragrances?

    What Are Naturally Derived Fragrances?

    Naturally derived fragrance oils are extracted from natural sources, such as plants, flowers, herbs, and spices. These oils are then blended with organic and lab-isolated ingredients to create a unique scent.
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