Product Spotlight: Natural Body Butter
Our Body Butter formula is a traditional beeswax and borax cream. This heavy, moisturizing balm consists of over 99% natural ingredients, is highly emollient and contains over 50% oil content. This product was historically referred to as a night cream or waterless cream. Thick, long lasting and capable of moisturizing the driest skin. More like an ointment than a typical cream. Includes natural, botanical oils and extracts. 

This product can be marketed as a Body Butter (for feet, elbow, knees and heels), Belly Balm, Diaper Cream, Gardeners (or Mechanics) Hand Cream, or alternately; a Winter, Heavy Duty or Restorative type balm. The emulsification of this product is closely formulated, so we don't recommend adding any additional carrier oils. Readily accepts our stock fragrances and essential oils. Add a hint of color or sparkle to your product by adding mica.

Due to the viscosity of this product, we recommend packaging in jars with a wide mouth. A little bit goes a long way!

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