Product Spotlight: Pearl Wash - Sulfate Free
This Sulfate Free/Paraben Free liquid soap is great for hand soap, body shampoo and shower gel.

Thinner, liquid soap with a pearly white color. Makes great creamy bubbles! Formulated as a body wash but it will also work as a shower gel, hand wash or bubble bath.

If you're expecting a bubbly lather and that squeaky clean feeling, sulfates should be your go-to. A combination of sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate is suitable and safe for mild and gentle cleansing.

If you have sensitive skin or just want to avoid sulfates completely, keep in mind that those sulfate-free products probably won't foam up. They will more likely produce a more hydrating, creamy wash. Sodium lauryl sulfate is a foaming agent, and when it's removed, your cleanser won’t make suds like you might be expecting.

Lathering, however, is not an indication of your cleansers effectiveness. Just because it doesn’t lather doesn’t mean it doesn’t clean.


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