What is Private Label Skincare?
Private label products are typically those manufactured or provided by one company which are then offered under another company's brand. 

Benefits of Private Label include: 
  • Market pre-manufactured, pre-tested product as your own 
  • Easily enhance and/or expand your company's product range 
  • Saves you time, money and effort as compared to product development from scratch 
  • Flexibility in setting your own prices 
  • Low start-up costs 
  • Manufacturers experience minimizes your risk 
  • Higher margins 
  • Better control over inventory 

Risks of Private Label include: 
  • Not every manufacturer has experience with your specific type of cosmetic product 
  • Know the difference between pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical ingredients/products 
  • Private label manufacturers rarely produce the marketing and point-of-sale materials to promote your line of products, so you will need to develop these materials. 
  • Minimum order requirements 
  • Minor formulation “tweaks” may incur major costs

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