What Is Airless Pump Packaging?
An Airless Pump Bottle is a non-pressurized, vacuum dispensing system that utilizes a mechanical pump in a bottle. As you push down on the pump, the disc in the bottle rises to push the product out of the pump. Once the bottle is filled, the material stored inside the bottle is preserved and maintains its integrity until used up. Airless packaging can help increase the shelf life of the final product. 

When using airless pump bottles, the product is drawn from the top of the bottle, and as it is continually pushed closer towards the dispensing nozzle, waste is minimized and exact product doses can be administered with every use.

When using a traditional bottle with a pump dispenser, as the content in the bottle gets low, the tube in the bottle will no longer be able to pull the products to the pump. Common practice is to remove the pump and try to get the remaining material out with the use of a spatula type of tool. With the repeat opening of the pump and exposure of the product to air, some products will end up being oxidized and lose effectiveness. 

With airless bottles, the material inside the bottles will be able to dispense completely, which will not require the opening of the pump and therefore, the integrity of the content can remain stable throughout its use. The design of airless pump bottles is so effective that major beauty brands increasingly utilize these systems to protect formulas that are oxygen sensitive, such as those containing Vitamin C or other actives. Airless technology can also help to extend the shelf life of products containing natural ingredients or natural preservatives by delaying product deterioration. 

Additional advantage of using an airless bottle:
  1. No dip tube required
  2. The bottle and pump is light in weight
  3. Up to 15% increased shelf life (No excessive exposure to air)
  4. The vacuum dispensing effect draws the product out to create less wastage
  5. Luxury packaging solution
  6. Can be recycled
  7. The liquid contents do not touch any metal springs which can cause oxidization problems
  8. No back-flow problems, solving air flow going back to the bottle after pumping (backflow of air decreases shelflife).
  9. You can use fewer preservatives and more fragile preservation systems, allowing for organic and natural products.
  10. It doesn’t matter if the bottle lies on its side or stored upside down due to the vacuum dispensing effect.

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