What are safety seals and why should I use them?
Press and Seal Liners, aka Pressure Sensitive Liners, are made of adhesive coated foam and typically imprinted with verbiage that explains its purpose such as "sealed for your protection". The liners will adhere to the container by closing the lid to the container without any special tools.

To ensure customer confidence and prevent tampering of the product, Press and Seal Foam Liners are used for this purpose.  In addition, Press Sensitive Foam liners are also used to:
  1. Prevent leaking of liquid products.
  2. Prevent exposure with air to maintain a longer shelf life.  Certain ingredients used in beauty products are sensitive to oxygen and will result in oxidation which reduces shelf life.
  3. Creates customer confidence when the product appears to be sealed.
  4. To allow the safe return of the product in the event the end user decides not to keep their purchase. The product in the container with the Press and Seal Liner can be inspected for compromises to the seal.
The actual size of the Press and Seal Foam Liner is 1mm to 2mm smaller than the product specifications, so when it comes to selecting the size of the Press and Seal Liners, we use a liner that is 2mm to 3mm larger than the diameter of the beauty container opening that you are trying to use the liner on. The liner will need a bit of room to be able to curve down around the rim of the beauty container opening to seal the container properly. The adhesive material is spread out thru the entire liner, so the glue-down edge does not have to be perfectly exact.

It's very important to perform proper fitness tests on product compatibility to ensure it does not degrade the liner over time. Products contain high-level alcohol or fragrance will tend to degrade the liner. We highly recommend safety seals on products that are prone to leaking such as body scrubs, bath and massage oils, liquid soaps, thinner lotions and more. We are unable to use press and seal liners on any product that utilizes a closure with a dip tube such as a lotion pump or sprayer cap.

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