Product Spotlight: Goat Milk Lotion
Milk does a body good and has many benefits when applied to the skin. Goat milk puts a new twist on this concept due to its unique attributes and high content of essential vitamins and minerals. 

Goat milk naturally has small, well emulsified fat globules, so the cream remains suspended in the milk, providing easy digestibility, and requires minimal processing. This cream fat also helps to boost moisturization in skincare products while delivering rich emollient properties. Goats’ milk is helpful for dry skin, being especially beneficial during dry winter months. Using goats' milk in skincare conveys natural benefits to both overall health and appearance.

Goats’ milk structure and composition is the reason for many of its benefits. Goats’ milk has an alkaline pH, which makes it unique and more compatible with the human body while being rich in many vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Some of the vitamins include vitamins A, B vitamins and vitamin C, all of which are necessary to repair damaged skin tissue and are needed in order to maintain healthy skin. Natural alpha-hydroxy acids, such as lactic acid, are also present within its composition which can act as a natural exfoliator to remove dead cells from the skins surface, thus enhancing the skin’s natural moisture levels. The amino acids present are needed for cells to regrow, maintain, and function properly throughout the body.

The addition of honey to this formula creates a product that provides unique moisturizing, softening and smoothing benefits. 

The natural color of this product is glossy white with a thin to medium viscosity. Powdery, smooth skin-feel after application.

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