Popular Pumpkin Scents For Fall
Embrace the seasonal spirit with special pumpkin fragrances that align with holidays and occasions throughout the year.
  • Bourbon Pumpkin: Notes of aged bourbon, dark rum, vanilla extract and pumpkin puree. 
  • Gingerbread & Caramel: A fall gourmand fragrance composed of creamy caramel, whipped pumpkin, red berries, and vanilla cream with a warm spice accord of clove, cinnamon, and ginger zest. 
  • Pumpkin & Spice (N): Clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla and pumpkin puree blend together for a delicious treat. 
  • Pumpkin Coconut Parfait: A unique blend of rich coconut cream and pumpkin pie spices provide a modern interpretation of an all time classic. 
  • Pumpkin Harvest: A welcoming blend of pumpkin, carrot, clove, nuts and rum. 
  • Pumpkin Oud: Smoldering woody notes, incense and spice add a darkness to classic pumpkin. 
  • Pumpkin Peppercorn: Notes of amber, black peppercorn and spice create a modern approach to pumpkin. 
  • Pumpkin Pie: Sweet Autumn pumpkin topped with the perfect touch of cinnamon and clove. Sweet sugary maple adds the finishing touch to this fabulous fall fragrance.

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