Is Private Label Right For Me?
Private label isn't the perfect strategy for everyone, but it could be the right strategy for you if any of the following applies to your situation: 
  • You are unable by choice or law to manufacture 
    • You may not possess the skills to manufacture what you need 
    • You may live in a location where it is illegal to manufacture in your home 
    • You may not want to manufacture in your home, but perhaps cannot afford a manufacturing space 
  • Unable to keep up with demand 
    • You cannot manufacture product fast enough to fulfill orders 
  • Need to focus on other avenues of business 
    • You need to focus on sales, marketing, web-design or any other aspect of your business 
  • Want to expand product line quickly 
    • You want to add to your product line without having to develop a new product yourself 
  • Space constraints 
    • You do not have enough space in which to manufacture 
    • You have a retail space with limited manufacturing space 
  • Time constraints 
    • You do not have enough time to manufacture 
    • You do not have enough time to meet lead times 
  • Need to ramp up production 
    • You need to fulfill a large quantity of product quickly

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