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Who will benefit most from Quick Shelf Print Private Label Products?
  • Perfect for spas, boutiques or other retailers wanting quick turnarounds or without access or funds for a graphic designer.

  • Product is ready for your shelf.

  • Label contains no business name and is generically branded.

  • Manufacturer's contact information is provided on label in accordance with FDA requirements.
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Black Plum Lotion QSP: Black Plum Sugar Scrub QSP: Black Plum Wash
QSP: Black Plum: 3 Piece Product Set Peppermint Lotion QSP: Peppermint Sugar Scrub
QSP: Peppermint Wash Peppermint Set Vanilla Fig Lotion
QSP: Vanilla Fig Sugar Scrub QSP: Vanilla Fig Wash QSP: Vanilla Fig: 3 Piece Product Set