4 Lip Care Tips
Winter can be an especially brutal time of the year for your lips, which often get chapped, dry and cracked.

First things first, what you put on your lips matter. Choose lip balms that create an occlusive barrier with the use of rich, hydrating butters like shea butter or cocoa butter combined with beeswax. This barrier helps to seal in moisture while creating a barrier against harsh weather conditions.

Stay away from lip balms containing camphor, eucalyptus and menthol. While these ingredients initially feel soothing, they actually dry out your lips and make the problem worse. When your lips become more dry and irritated, you apply more of this kind of lip balm, and the cycle continues.

Dehydration may be a related reason to why your lips are feeling dry. Drinking plenty of water is known to be good for your skin.

When your lips are dry, it’s natural to want to lick them. But licking your lips actually has the opposite effect. You may also feel the need to get rid of that pesky, irritating feeling that flaking and peeling causes, but resist the urge and use a soothing lip scrub instead!

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